Janesville Elementary Athletics
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March VolleyBall Schedule Home GamesTop of Page

Thursday, March 7th, vs. Diamond View
         7th @ 3:30
         8th @ 4:30
Wednesday, March 13th, vs South Valley
         7th @ 4:00
         8th @ 5:00
Thursday, March 14 vs. Shaffer
         7th @ 3:30
         8th @ 4:30
Wednesday, March 20th vs. Richmond
        7th @ 4:00
        8th @ 5:00
Thursday, March 21st vs Johnstonville
        7th @ 4:00
        8th @ 5:00

CoachesTop of Page

Boys Basketball
7th - Joel French
8th - Troy Amrien
Girls Basketball
7th - Fred Somerville
8th - Randy Harlan, Nate Owens
Kimber Azevedo
Cross Country
Jule Hjertsted-Rubio
Flag Football
Steve Bierman
7th - Jacob George
8th - Penny Thiels, Sam Owens

Janesville Fight SongTop of Page

Wildcat logo

We are Janesville Union Wildcats, 

Janesville Wildcats do or die.

Real hip cool cats from old Janesville U.

We have a team that will try.

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Red will show you we’re courageous,

Blue means loyal through and through.

White means fight, and fight with might,

That’s what all Wildcats do.

Wildcats from good old Janesville U.


Written by:  Gloria Porter

Troy Amrein - Athletic Director (530) 253-3551