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What's New in Room 113
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Welcome wildcat families! I have made some changes to our class page. Please feel free to look around and if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please fill out this short survey about our class page. Please note all responses are annonymous and there is no sign-in required. Thank you so much for your help and support! Have an amazing week!

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What We Are Learning


Week of May 3rd

Reading Spelling Words Mathematics
Big Q: What sounds can you hear? How are they made?
Comprehension Strategy: Ask and answer questions about a text.
Comprehension skill: Understand problem and solution
Inflectional Endings: -er and -est.
Phonemic Awareness:
Sound Categorization, substitution and deletion. Rhyming and sound differentiation.
Spelling Pattern:
diphthongs ou and ow
  1. cow
  2. town
  3. mouse
  4. how
  5. out
  6. mouth
  7. born
  8. roar
  9. nothing
  10. early
Solve teen addition problems with unknown partners:
There are 14 children playing at recess.
9 of them are girls, the rest are boys.
How many boys are playing?
Use the Make a Ten Strategy:
Solve teen subtraction problems by using proof drawings:
There are 13 giraffes are in a parade.
It starts to rain and 7 of them go home.
How many giraffes are left?
Students will use math mountains, circle drawings, and the Make a Ten strategy to solve these problems. 


Reading: Phonics and Foundational Skills


Long A
Long E
Long I
Long O
Long U
ABC Order
Unknown Addends
Place Value

Future Learning

Reading Spelling Mathematics
  1. spoil
  2. coin
  3. join
  4. joy
  5. toy
  6. boy
  7. town
  8. mouse
  9. build
  10. fall
We will be writing addition and subtraction equations to find unknown partners with teen totals.

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