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Announcements - updated 06/01/2020

Welcome to the last 9 days of school team! You have all worked so hard and your dedication and determination has shined bright over these past weeks and now it is time to start wrapping up the year, celebrate our growth in all of that we have achieved, and prepare for some summer fun in the sun! 
This week will be a week for students to work on a fun End of Year project and to finish any unfinished work and turn it in by Friday, May 5th for that work to be recorded on report cards. Report cards will be graded as "Observed" and "Not Observed" in each subject area. For students to receive an "observed" in a subject area, the student needs to have submitted at least 50% of the work for that subject area. I'll be reaching out to families Monday and Tuesday to let students and families know if they are missing work. 
This week and next week we will continue our Zoom Hangouts. Although I have noticed that less and less students are participating. These are optional opportunities for students to say hi to each other and thank you to all of those who are able to come hang out and say hi each week. 
NEW ZOOM TIMES ---> Zoom Hangouts will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 - 2:30 PM and 6:30 - 7:00 PM.
This week's packet is the last packet of the year! It will contain the End of Year Projects as well as some super fun activities for students to do the last 4 days of school. Usually during that time we clean the classroom and pack-up. I'm not sure when I will be able to schedule a time for students to pick-up any belongings that have turned up in the classroom during this time but I'll see what I can set up for next week. 
You can also view the packet by clicking the link in the new Packet Links section of our class page located on the left sidebar. In this section, everyone will have quick access to all of the learning videos for the week. Links to these videos will also be in the lesson plans below. 

During these final days of school:

  1. Complete and turn in any unfinished work
  2. Complete End of Year Project
  3. OPTIONAL: MobyMax (I'm not sure how long students will have access to this resource. My hope is all summer but it will depend on when my subscription runs out as MobyMax offered it to us for free because of the pandemic). Please use this resource while you can if you are interested. 
  4. OPTIONAL: Continue practicing WOW sight words. The online resource will be available all summer for anyone who wishes to use it. Knowing these words will help with automaticity and reading fluency.
Remember: We take lots of breaks in class. We have recess, snack-time and we also do brain breaks where we take a breath, stop and stretch, or play a quick game of Simon Says. These breaks help with focus and retention and they are encouraged during distance learning all the same. If you and your student want to work for 30 minutes in the morning, take a break and go for a walk, then come back for another 20-30 minutes, that is fantastic! Breaks are good for everyone and if it is time for break, by all means take it. 
On the other hand, if you find you are under the 2-hour limit on academic time, a great resource for students is MobyMax. This resource creates a targeted learning path that provides lessons to teach skills and fill learning gaps. Plus students can earn game time as they complete tasks. It's a win-win! :) Another bonus is that students have access to a variety of subjects ranging from core Reading and Math to Science and Social studies. How it works is when students click on a module, which is any of the colored squares on their home page, the program will give them a quick assessment to see what they know. From there, it will give lessons on what students don't know. This program will also challenge students as it is not limited to first grade standards. If they demonstrate that they are ready for more challenging material, then the program will provide it for them. 

Update on turning in work:

Work for the current week needs to be submitted no later than the following Monday. Whether you are working online or in packets, I must turn in my records of student engagement on Mondays. If student work is not turned in by Monday night, then I cannot mark your student as engaged. If you are experiencing challenges turning in work, please let me know so we can work together to come up with a solution.
  • Work for the previous week of 5/26 - 5/29 is due Monday 6/1
Thank you everyone and let's have a great last two weeks of school! We got this.
Stay Awesome!
-Mrs. Burkman 

Weekly Lesson plan
First Grade

If you have any questions about this week's work, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to help! Have a great week team!

Feel free to reach me through the Remind App , Email, or by phone at (916) 796-9063

pencilEnd of Year Project Ideas 6/01 - 6/11Top of Page

 End Of Year Project Directions How and What to Turn In
 1. Book Report
  1. Students can read a book of their choice
  2. Then complete this packet about the book that they read
  • Completed Book Report Packet
  • Email pictures of completed packet or turn in the completed packet through google classroom. 
 2. Show What You Know
  1. Students can choose a topic of their choice (drawing, dance, martial arts, cheer, singing, writing, sports, dinosaurs, anything that interests your student.
  2. Students can then create a presentation (a poster, video, a collage, a diorama, a poem, etc.) that they can then share with the class during either a regular zoom hangout or a special zoom hangout where I will hopefully get most of the class online to participate. 
  • Pictures of student work (e.g. if students make a poster, please submit pictures of the poster. If they make a video, please send me a link to the video, etc.).
 3. Complete a STEM activity
  1. Choose a STEM activity from this week's packet. 
  2. Some of these may be challenging and I'm not 100% sure if they will all work but they looked like so much fun!!! If you need supplies I might be able to help out. I know I have rubber bands, and Popsicle sticks. I can leave these items in the office for students to pick up as needed. 
  3. Discuss the following questions with your student:
  • How did you make the activity? 
  • Did it work like you thought it would? 
  • How can you make it better?

    • Pictures of completed activity. 
    • Students must explain their thinking as this is an important part of STEM activities. However, students do not have to submit their answers in writing unless they want to. If they do not though, I won't count it against them. 
     4. Become am Expert
    1. This one is similar to Show What You Know. However, this one will require an extra step and can be more challenging. 
    2. Students choose a topic that they are familiar with but want to learn more about. This could be an author, illustrator, athlete, actor, artist, art technique, or anything they can think of that interests them. (Animals, the weather, the environment, different parts of the world, etc.)
    3. Once a topic is chosen, students with family supervision can research the topic through DiscoveryEd and other resources that I can post here if I am able to find a student safe image browser. 
    • Pictures of completed activity through email or Google Classroom.