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*updated 2/2/2021 @ 12:50 p.m.
Good Morning Families,
Thank you for your efforts last week and thank you to everyone who has turned in the homework packet from last week also. 
Please turn in last week's homework packet for credit sometime on Monday 2/1. 
We will be continuing to work on last week's work packet and will finish it this week. I'll post the pages completed down below in the next section. If your student worked ahead and is in need of additional work, there is an OPTIONAL work packet also available for pick up in my box. This packet is not required and will not be graded, it is simply extra practice work of s skills already taught. 
The only packets that are required and will be turned in is the homework packet from last week, the homework and work packet for this week which will be due Tuesday 2/9 (there is no school Monday 2/8 for Lincoln's Birthday). 
Thank you everyone and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to message or call. 😀
  • Packet work:
    • The pages completed will be posted in the next section.
  • Moby Max Time

    • 30 minutes of math activities
    • 30 minutes of ELA activities
  • Homework Packet

    • Please read for 15 minutes
    • practice WOW words
    • complete 1 page of spelling
    • complete 1 page of math review
  • Answer Keys and pictures of what should be completed have been added in a tabbed section down below the weekly overview. 

Please check this class page every day to check for updates and other important information. Thank you and as always, if you have any questions please call me at the school at 253-3551 or message me through Remind or email at jburkman@janesvilleschool.org. 
*note, all of the information that was posted here before has moved to the next section below 👇*
Thank you everyone for working together to ensure the success of all of our students here at Janesville. We are an amazing team! Thank you again for your support and if you ever need assistance or have questions or concerns, please email, call or send me a Remind message and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

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Chromebooks and Devices

  • Student work will be done primarily in packets along with online work in Moby Max. Students will also need a device to participate in zoom meetings. 
  • If you need to check-out a Chromebook, please check one out this week. After this week, if you still need to check-out a Chromebook please message me and we can make arrangements to go from there. 
  • Chromebooks are in the computer lab. Times the lab is open: 7:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 3:00. 
  • CDPH guidelines require teachers to interact with ALL students daily. To meet this requirement, I'll be hosting 1-on-1 or small-group meetings (more info on these in the next tab) as well as large, whole-group zoom meetings from 9:00 - 10:00 AM and 1:00 - 2:00 PM daily.

Zoom Meetings

  • As mentioned above, I'll host a variety of zoom meetings. I want to provide as many opportunities as I can to give instructional time to students. We will have whole-class,1-hour zoom meetings where everyone in class is encouraged to attend (either in the morning or afternoon) for many reasons:
    • They will be able to participate in lessons.
    • I'll be able to work on the weekly packet with students altogether and answer any questions they may have.
    • Students get to see and have discussion with their peers. 
  • All of that being said, I encourage students to attend these meetings. Almost everyone has been doing this and that is awesome! Keep it up team. 😎😁
  • I would also like students to participate in additional 1-on-1 / small group meetings each day. These meetings will only be 15 minutes. In these short meetings I will be able to practice/test sight words and give explicit reading or math instruction as well as give tests to individual students or small groups. 
  • Ideally, I would like all of my students to be able to attend 2 zoom meetings a day (the whole-class zoom and then a 1-on-1 zoom). I understand this may not be possible and I'll do my best to be flexible in providing these opportunities. If students are only able to attend 1 meeting a day, we can discuss other ways I can help support them in their learning.
  • On Tuesday 1/26, I will be sending out a zoom link that will always be the link that families can click to access a zoom meeting. I will send the link to families through Remind and Email. Please keep this link handy for all future zoom meetings.
  • When joining a zoom, please type in your student's name as the name of the user. You can do this by joining the meeting and while you are in the waiting room, hover over the user. Sometimes it will default to something such as iPhone or Samsung. Click the blue More button > Rename. Here you can type in your student's name. This is an important step because now that we are using one zoom link, I need to make sure I am allowing a student to enter the zoom meeting and not someone I do not know. It will help me ensure that our zoom meeting is safe for everyone in the meeting. 
  • If your student is not able to attend their 1-on-1 meeting at their regularly scheduled time, it is possible for them to switch times that day. For example, if a student is scheduled to zoom at 7:45 - 8:00 am but they have an appointment or something comes up, families can message me and I'll let you know if there is another time that day that we can zoom. 

Student Work Packets

  • The majority of work students will be completing will be done in packets that can be picked up each week from the school.
  • All students will need to pick-up a packet each week as there is no way for me to make it digital for students to complete online. If you are unable to pick-up a packet please message me.
  • I'll have 2 boxes outside. One will a pick-up box and the other will be a drop-off box. These boxes are labeled with colored paper. 
  • I'll be able to help students with their daily work during the whole-class zoom. I will give the lesson and work with students all together. After the zoom they can go on to finish any remaining pages. Please refer to the table below to see what pages students should do each day and I'll also remind students during our zoom meeting what pages I would like them to work on that day. 
  • In summary, I'll be working with students on the core subjects (reading, spelling and math) during the whole-class zoom meeting and we will complete those packet pages together. I would like students to practice handwriting, participate in P.E. activities and write in their orange journals independently. Again, please see the table below for more detailed information about student work. 
  • New packets will be available for pick-up on Thursdays after 8 A.M. 
  • The previous week's packets are due the following Monday by 4 P.M. 
  • This schedule will give families extra time to pick-up work as well as give families extra time to turn work in. Therefore, the work students completed for the first week of distance learning is due Monday 12/7. The week after that, the packet will be due Monday 12/14, and so on. 
  • Reminder: Families can turn in work to the school or families can send me a single email with pictures of ALL completed work. Please type in the subject line the student's name and the date the work is being submitted (e.g. Sally 12/7)
  • I'll also be sending home regular homework packets for students to complete as they would normally. Each homework packet will have a reading log, 4 spelling page and 4 math pages. Please have your student complete 1 page of spelling and math, read for 15 minutes and practice WOW words as you normally would. 

Online Student Work

  • Starting Tuesday, 1/26, students should be working in Moby Max every day. As of right now this is the only assigned online work I will be assigning. 
  • I provided additional logins for Wonders, ABC Mouse, and Epic for students to have so that they can use these resources only if they would like to do so. As of now, students are not required to use Wonders, ABC Mouse or Epic. But they are there if they would like to explore them.
    • Wonders is our reading curriculum and there are games and students can also access the stories that we would be reading in class. 
    • ABC Mouse is a fun program that practices reading and math skills in a variety of games and activities. 
    • Epic! is a great online library where students can access thousands of books for free. 
    • Other educational websites can be found at janesvilleschool.org > Students > Educational and Fun Sites. Or click here to access these other resources.

Other General Info

  •  According to CDPH, first grade students need to complete at least 230 minutes of work each day. This includes zoom meetings and all other work assigned. Each day, students should only be working on school work for about 3.8 hours.
  • I also need to speak with each student everyday in order to give them attendance credit for that day. If students are not able to attend a zoom meeting, I still need to interact with them to give them attendance credit. There are a few ways we can do this:
    • We can talk over the phone for a few minutes to talk about classwork.
    • With parent permission, students can actually send me messages through Moby Max.

Distance Learning - Weekly Overview 
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 Updated: 2/2 Packet Work - 60 mins Moby Max - 60 mins
 WOW Words & homework - 60 mins
 P.E. - Optional this week 30 mins
Monday - Friday Work (230 total mins)
Each day in the daily zoom meetings, I'll be working on reading, spelling and math with students.
I'll post the pages we have completed here 👇:
Tuesday: Pages 124 and 125 (Story: LIttle Fred and Little Buck)
Wednesday: Pages 127, 64, 83
Completed pages: 121, 61, 62
Please complete 10 minutes of each module:
  • sight words
  • phonics
  • reading
  • fact fluency
  • numbers
  • math
*Please take breaks as needed. 😊 This also does not have to be done in a single sitting, student's can work at their pace or during any time of day as long as the required minutes are completed each day. 
Please practice WOW words 5-10 minutes a day. 
Please complete the homework packet as students regularly would. 
*Journal and handwriting are not required this week. However, if you would like to write a sentence or 2 with your student for extra practice please feel free to do so! 😁
While I am not requiring a P.E. Log this week, please have students complete any physical activity or activities for at least 30 minutes a day. 
This does not have to be done all at one time, and can be broken up throughout the day. Games, tag, jumping jacks, walking, skipping, GoNoodle are some ideas.
*Use Email to send pictures of student or turn in work to my drop-off box at the school.
Please turn in completed work pages to the school or send me an email Friday night or by the following Monday at the latest. 
If you choose email, please send 1 email with all pictures attached. In the subject, put the student's name and the date work is being submitted (e.g. Sally 12/4/20). 
I will be testing students on WOW words through out the week during their small group / 1-to-1 meeting.
I'll also be sending home extra lists for students to practice as needed.  However, they still need to test with me before I can give them credit for passing each list.

Weekly Work - Answer GuidesTop of Page

Monday 2/1

Tuesday 2/2

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: