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What is Clever

Clever is a single sign-on program that allows students to log into one place and then have access to all of their academic programs in one place. Or that is the general idea. Some programs we use, such as Teach Your Monster to Read, will still ask students to put in a password when they want to use this program. More information about this can be found in the Programs We Use tab. 

Logging into Clever

  1. Click the blue Clever button above
  2. You will be directed to a sign-in page as shown.
  3. Students can login 2 ways.
    • In class, students use a badge with a QR code to login. To do this, click on the blue Clever Badge log on button on the right.
    • Students can also login using with google. To do this, click next to the Google G on the left.
  4. I will be sending your child's QR code AND google login so that families can choose either option.
  1. If you choose the google option, you can then log in like you would any google account. The email will be your child's library#@janesvilleschool.org and then the password will be sent to you in Remind. 
  2. If you choose to use the QR Code, you must have a webcam and enable access to it so that clever can use the webcam to scan the badge. 

Navigating Clever

  1. Once logged in, the user will be instantly directed to their portal. On this page you will find district programs and other fun websites that are open for all learners at Janesville School. 
  2. To access the programs we use in our classroom, click the Teacher Pages Button at the top of the website as shown. 
  3. Here, you will have access to all of the programs we use throughout the week. More detailed info about these programs can be found in the Programs We Use tab. 

Programs We Use

Here is a list of our programs:
Program How to log in Skills 
Amplify Click the App, no additional steps Reading skills taught through interactive games, tasks and lessons. We use this program regularly during focus learning.
McGraw Hill Click the App, no additional steps Reading and other English Language Arts. This program has games, sight words, and stories for students to access. Students may need help navigating this program as we do not use it regularly.
Moby Max Click the App, no additonal steps All subjects - this program is used as a free choice after Amplify time during focus learning. There are lessons and students earn game time for completing lessons and passing skills.
Teach Your Monster to Read
Click the app. 
Username: (student's name all lowercase)
password: (4 digit library number)
Reading Foundational Skills - This is a very interactive program that teaches foundational reading skills while trying to build a rocket ship. Students use this program frequently and can log in independently.
Happy Numbers
Click the app, no additional steps 
*If the program does ask for a password, it is the 4-digit library number.
Mathematics - another interactive game program that gives students math lessons and practice to go along with the skill being taught. 
ABC Mouse
Click the app, no additional steps 
Fun time program that covers ELA and Math as well as many other skills. This is a fun friday program that students use in the computer lab and during choice time on Fridays.
Click the app, no additional steps
Movement program that plays songs, teaches dances, breathing exercises, as well many other activities that include movement. Very fun and the students love this program. We use it as a class usually, but now students can access it at home too. 

What's New in Room 113
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Upcoming Events and Important Dates:

  • January 21st: End of Quarter 2
  • January 28th: Report cards will be coming home. (This date might be changed due to the closure).
  • February 14th: Valentine's Day Party - as of now, I still plan on celebrating as a class with a valentine exchange and party with treats at the end of the day. I will let families know if this changes. 
  • February 22nd: Twos-Day! It will be 2/22/22 and we are celebrating this once in a lifetime day big! More info coming home soon. 
  • Date TBD: The 100th Day of School! We will be celebrating as a school tht we are 100 days brighter. More info coming home soon. 
  • Date TBD: Read Across America Day will be at the beginning of March.
School Closure Information:
Dear Wildcat Families, 
First I just want to say thank you for all of your support and help during these hard and unpredictable times. If you are frustrated and weary, you are not alone. If you are coping well and taking all of these things in stride, you are still not alone. These trials may look different for some, but we are all definitely in this together and I am so proud to be a Wildcat and a part of this strong community of amazing human beings. 
I want to use this section to provide clarification about what students should be doing over the course of this quarantine. Students should complete a few pages of work from their distance learning packet each day. The homework packet that came home on Monday 1/11, will also be due upon their return to school. These are the only 2 things students must turn-in. 
The packet was put together by subject for the most part, so it does not need to be done in order. The packet contains math pages, spelling pages and other English Language Arts Pages. Students can do the first page of math, then jump to a reading page, and then maybe do a spelling page. I believe this will be the only packet sent home during this closure as I am not able to return to school to make another packet.
I will not be hosting zooms. I didn't think this option would be viable given the abruptness of everything. I do not want to add stress, but I also want to make sure that I offer enough support to families. That being said, I will be calling to check-in with each family for a couple minutes each day if I can. This may have to go to every other day, but I am hoping that I can make contact each day. I understand families are working and I will do my best to accommodate everyone's needs. But if you have any questions about the packet, or are looking for ideas and activities to do with your child, please contact me as I am happy to help. *UPDATE - We do not have to speak everyday through message or phone. I thought that was the case but I don't think it actually is. Instead I will have open office hours from 7 AM to 6 PM for families to contact me if you need assistance or have any questions. 
Online Learning OPTIONS: If you and your student complete the packet early, or if you would like to add more to their learning each day, then you can access online learning programs through Clever. The link is posted up above along with information about logging in and so much more. 
Contact Info: If you would like to request a zoom we can make arrangements. Or you can reach me through one of the following:
email: jburkman@janesvilleschool.org
phone: 916.796-9063
Remind App
Thank you everyone! I will be in touch soon. 
Mrs. Burkman 
Homwork Information:
*Update on homework* I have noticed that many students are not completing all of the reading materials and I realized that I had written incorrect directions on our weekly reading log. I apologize for this, and since it is my mistake I will not hold students responsible for the piror weeks. However, moving forward I would like ALL students to complete ALL reading tasks on the reading log. This includes 5 minutes of WOW word practice nightly, plus 15 minutes of independent reading nightly.  During this 15-minutes of reading time, students are asked to complete 1 reading assignemnt (such as reading the blending lines, the decodeable passage, or High Frequency Words for the week) and then read a book of their choice until the 15 minutes is up. Please contact me if you have any questions. Lastly, I have added these directions to this week's reading log to provide further clarification. Thank you for your patience and help with homework! :) 
Homework will go home each week on the first day of the week, and is due on the last day of the week. Typically this is Monday through Friday. Students will always have homework, and if for any reason students do not have homework, I will let families know on our class page, in our weekly newsletter, and through Remind. *That being said, one of the rewards in our classroom is a no homework coupon. This coupon is only good for one night of no homework. If a student uses their coupon, we will staple it to their homework packet. 
I would like to give a huge shout-out to all of the students and families who are completing and returning their homework regularly. If you have any questions about homework please contact me so that I can assist in any way that I can. 

Weekly Newsletter
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