Janesville Elementary Mrs. Downs Class
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We will be using our Google Classroom as our "hub" for accessing our websites. If or when we go to Distance Learning, Google Classroom is where students will access their work. We will also be using Google Classroom (aka: "G-Suite" or "G-Class") in class to access many of our resources.
Our school uses SSO software (single sign-on) called CLEVER to sign students into all their accounts with a single entry of signing into their devices. For 3rd grade we have both the Clever QR badges we use in class, but also our "wonky password" they are used to using when in the computer lab. 

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Please note that for whatever reason, many of these sites don't work well (or won't work at all) if you are using an Apple iPad. 
                                    McGraw-Hill/ ConnectEd ("Wonders")                                                                                            
                                         HAPPY NUMBERS
                                          REFLEX MATH
                                          Renaissance Place (AR Tests)
                                       Discovery Education  
                                       Savvas Realize

Special Note- Most software has some sort of "Text to Speech" feature that you can easily turn on. It might be beneficial to your student to have this turned on. If so, please search for this feature and activate it on your type of device.