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The Coding Studio

WELCOME to the Janesville Coding Studio!

To access your courses, please click the link below:


After School Coding Studio - Both Beginning and Advanced Students


When your specified puzzles or assignments are completed, and if given permission by Mrs. Downs, you may tryout one of these other free sites.
If at any time you find an error, or are asked to pay for use of these sites, please notify Mrs. Downs at once!

Computer Science is Fun! (At this site there are multiple resources for all grades)

Code Monster (Shows both the Javascript version and the graphic version to show you what the code does)

Made With Code (This site provides opportunities to utilize code in projects, music, games)


As I find other FREE and appropriate coding sites, I will add them.  Many sites are "pay to play" and give you a demo for free, but full versions are not free. Some have ad banners that are not appropriate at school based on the content of the ads. Others require the user to have an email, and our students, at this time, do not have school email accounts to use.  However, if you know of a site I should consider, please let me know!

Happy Coding!

Mrs. Downs